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Flora Ginn Lauds Spanish Bindings Exhibition

Great Bindings in the Royal Libraries (15th – 21st centuries)

From: Thursday 17 May 2012 To: Sunday 2 September 2012

An exhibition featuring book bindings from the National Heritage’s Royal Collections. Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, Madrid


Flora Ginn went to the Exhibition with Bernard Middleton and was hugely enthusiastic about both its content and the presentation of the exhibits. This is what she said:

 ‘The exhibition was opened by the King and is held at the Real Biblioteca of the Royal Palace.  It illustrates their cultural heritage and the importance of their ordinary and great bindings mostly from the Spanish Royal Collections as their national treasures of historical and artistic interest.  There are 457 items, including fine bindings from 15th – 21st centuries and other beautiful and interesting objects such as furniture, paintings, tapestries and tools, all book related.

 Every single show case in every room in the exhibition is designed and made specially with glass alone sealed with silicone.  The architectural merit is astonishing with a show case in one room being suspended from the

ceiling in two crescents to form a circular showcase.  A truly magnificent exhibition!’

 If you have been to the Exhibition, or are proposing to go, do share your thoughts with us.

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