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Memoirs of Oxford Bibliophile – Colin Franklin

In a series of distinct chapters Colin Franklin recollects the many themes that have successively absorbed him throughout a long career in both book publishing and book dealing.  Of these topics many are associated with the county of Oxford; William Morris, The Daniel Press, Joseph Skelton and Ruskin, are among them.  Often they have involved him in the acts of collecting, researching, writing and selling, such is the sequence of the book-dealer/writer.  Passions come, are felt strongly, looked into with keen interest, considered and the results recorded and, after due reflection, consigned to print for the benefit of those less fortunate to have had the personal connection with these works.  That is perhaps the most striking feature of this collection, the great good fortune that Mr Franklin feels he has benefited from, both in terms of the books that have passed through his hands and the amicable connections he has had in the world of books.  This is a very engaging and enlightening read.

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