Alan Isaac Rare Books

Missing Leaf

Have you ever wished that you could complete a treasured volume with a page or two that has been lost or too seriously damaged to be satisfactorily repaired?

Do you have a book with a missing title page or frontispiece?

It is not unusual for books of all ages to lose a leaf or two over the years whether by deliberate act or through wear. Often the omission seriously detracts both from the aesthetic value of the work as well as the enjoyment of the text not to mention its commercial value.

With access to the extensive library collections and using the latest technology combined with appropriate printing techniques we are often able to provide high quality reproductions of lost text and images on age appropriate paper and to incorporate them into a bound volume or rebind the volume, as required.  All reproductions bear our discreet but distinctive blind stamp hallmark making it clear to collectors that the page is a facsimile but restoring, for the owner, the aesthetic appeal and functional nature of the original work.

All text or images are unique so our Missing Leaf service is very much tailored to the requirements of individual owners and their books and is dependant on our ability to source a matching edition. If you would like to know more about this service please contact us to find out how we can best assist you.