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Angela James – Water


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A Selection of Poems on the Theme of Water

Published by Incline Press (2008)

Original prints by: Clare Curtis, Bert Eastman, Rigby Graham, Victoria Hall, Eric Hasse, Paul Kershaw and Ann Muir

270 x 195 x 18mm

Description of binding: Bound in natural goatskin, airbrushed grey. Back-pared onlays of resist-patterned natural calf, airbrushed using acrylic inks. Inlaid, airbrushed calf on fore edges. Goatskin doublures with inlaid calf. White gold lettering and white tooling.

Profile of Binder: Angela James

A Fellow and past President of Designer Bookbinders, Angela James graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Printed Textiles, taking up bookbinding as a subsidiary subject. After working at the Cockerell Bindery she worked for 10 months at a well –known restaurant in Bath before joining James Brockman in setting up the Eddington Bindery [the bindery established in 1973 for Lord and Lady Fermoy in Hungerford]. Four years later she moved to North Yorkshire where she has lived and worked ever since. Apart from undetaking commissions, Angela organises the annual binding of the six short-listed Man Booker Prize titles for presentation to their authors. She has organised binding exhibitions, including those in London, and in between maintained an extensive garden. Angela’s work is held in numerous public and private collections worldwide and she has written two books on bookbinding.