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Endgrain Designs & Repetitions-The Pattern Papers of John Depol


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Author: BAKER, Cathleen A. & DEPOL, John.

Published by: The Legacy Press (Michigan, 2015)

168 pages – 117 units and patterns in two colours – cloth/sewn

Starting in the 1950’s, John DePol (1913 – 2004), the American wood engraver, cut small end grain blocks (units) featuring subjects from Nature, the Heavens, the Book Arts as well as geometrical and abstract designs.  Although many of those images were developed into patterns and used as bookbinding papers in a number of important fine press books, the full range of this aspect of DePol’s work had not previously been shown until the images – 117 units with a pattern formed from each – were reproduced in Endgrain Designs & Repetitions , as originally conceived by DePol in beautiful black and white.  That book, now out of print with the publishers (but still in stock with AIRB), also included an autobiographical sketch, a short essay on the history of patterns in book publishing by Cathleen A. Baker, and the publication history of the patterns,

The popular appeal of DePol’s work led to pressure for a more affordable version of the limited edition book. This  new off-set printed book features the same text (with some up-dated information), units and patterns as in the original year 2000 edition (which was limited to 130 copies) and has a new Preface and some up-dated information but the colour specimens that were included in the original are omitted.