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Author: FORSBERG, Lennart

Published by: Incline Press, Oldham.  2006

LIMITED edition. 150 copies were produced as a Standard edition.  An additional SPECIAL EDITION limited to 40 copies (of which this is one numbered 21) were made to include within a drop-back box – six signed and numbered prints, five of which are multi-coloured,in an  edition for this book by Lennart Forsberg, a copy of the Catalogue for his 90th Anniversary Retrospective, and a photograph of the artist at his proofing press taken by Thorsten Sjolin in 2005.  However, the wood engravings, wood and lino cuts of graphic artist Forsberg are at the heart of this book.  It contains 39 original prints and form an autobiographical memoir, with additional text.

260 x 230mm.  Double page title part printed in blue/green. 55p, ii. Coloured plates and tipped in ex libris in text.  Printed on Magnani paper.  Bound in quarter blue/grren cloth with lighter coloured paper colour printed and lettered in black to front cover.  A similarly bound, but un-lettered folder containing the additional loose plates, photograph and catalogue. A folio Prospectus from Incline Press laid in.  Drop-back box, quarter bound in blue/green cloth with lighter coloured paper sides, with printed paper label to spine.