Alan Isaac Rare Books


We have written book reviews for the book press for a number of years on a variety of recently published titles a selection of which are listed below in order of publication with the most recent fore-most. To access a copy of the review ‘click’ on the reference cited below.


Date of Publication Title Author Reference
2011 The Mysterious Marbler James Sumner SoB NL 3/2011
2010 Decorated Paper Porck, Henck and others SoB NL 3/2010  p26
2010 Bookbinding & Conservation- A Sixty Year Odyssey of Art and Craft Etherington, Don SoB NL 3/2010   p27
2010 Fine Bookbinding a Technical Guide Lindsay, Jen SoB NL-3/2010 p21
2009 Cambridge Panel- Demonstration Nick Cowlishaw SoB NL 3/2009 p24
2008 Damage Limitation – The Journal of Dora Damage SoB NL 4/2008 p22
2008 Bookbinding at the Harcourt Bindery-2006 Ellenport, Sam. SoB NL 2/2008 p22
2008 Nineteenth-Century Bookbinding Techniques at the Harcourt Bindery -2007 –DVD’s Ellenport, Sam SoB NL 2/2008 p22
2008 An Essay on the Development & Usage of Brass Plate Dies – 1980 Ellenport, Sam. SOB NL-3/2007 p13
2008 The Schmoller Collection of Decorated Paper Schmoller, Tanya SoB NL 2/2008 p24
2007 Lecture/Demonstration Derek Hood SoB NL-3/2007 p27
2007 Seeing the Invisible SoB NL-3/2007 p27
2007 Under the Hammer British Library Sale SoB NL  2/2007 p8/9
2008 Full Flow – Beauty and Art in Contemporary Bookbinding SoB NL  2/2007 p16/17
2007 Edward Seymour & The Fancy Paper Company Berger, Sidney SoB NL  1/2007  p19
2005 A Book of Booksellers Markham, Sheila SoB NL 1/2005  p26
2005 The Vale Press – Charles Ricketts –A Publisher in Earnest Watry, Maureen SoB NL 1/2005  p28
2004 The London Book Trade – Topographies of Print in the Metropolis from the Sixteenth Century Myers, Robinn [Ed.] SoB  NL 3/2004  p31
2003 A Yorkshire Sourcebook of Decorated Paper in the Eighteenth Century Schmoller, Tanya SoB NL. 3/2003 p26
2002 ‘Wonderful Things’ From Four Hundred Years of Collecting: The Bodleain Library, Oxford SoB NL 2/2002 p18
2001 A Life in Bookbinding Middleton, Bernard SoB NL 1/2001 p10/11
1999 The Bloomsbury Artists- Print and Book Design Bradshaw, Tony SoB NL 3/1999 p13